good to know / practical information

Psychotherapy agreements

Psychotherapy takes place in Tallinn at Asula 3, room 110 (if not agreed differently) or, if necessary, via online channels (Zoom, Skype).

  • The hourly fee for individual therapy is 100 euros. For a longer session, the fee is calculated on 15 min basis. Payment can be made by a bank transfer before the meeting or in cash.
  • The hourly fee for couple and family therapy is 120 euros, approximately two hours should be taken into consideration. For family and couples therapy a prepayment of 100 euros must be paid for booking the appointment.
  • Mental health support for trauma recovery: individual therapy €120, family and couples therapy €120 per hour, group therapy (50 academic hours) €590.
  • Supervision 115 euros.

NB! Please inform if you are booking session through SKA victim service, PPA, women’s shelter or local government and let me know in what location you can come to therapy.

Appointments take also place:

  • in Rakvere;
  • in Kohila health center, Tööstuse 5.

Conditions for changing and cancelling

  • The time of the meeting can be agreed by e-mail
  • Offered time will be booked for you for 24 hours until your confirmation. After the possibility will be opened for the next person.
  • If there is a need to cancel or change the agreed time, please notify at the first possibility.
  • In case of non-notification or last-minute notification (24 H), the missed session must be paid for.


Psychotherapist follows the code of ethics of Estonian Gestalt Psychotherapy Union. The session is confidential. It is not allowed to record the session.

The psychotherapist may disclose the information to third parties if:

  • the client is dangerous to him/herself or others (the client will be informed about it);
  • at the request of the court (the client will be informed);
  • with the client’s permission in the interests of his/her process.

The psychotherapist participates in covision and supervision, where the client’s case can be discussed anonymously in order to provide the best support for the client.

The process of psychotherapy

The period and frequency of attending psychotherapy are individual, depending on the client’s situation, needs and the goals of the therapy.

In the interests of the process, it is important that the client informs the psychotherapist about ongoing treatments, as well as cooperation with other specialists (doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health specialists).

Strong feelings can arise during psychotherapy. Be sure to report any deterioration in your condition as soon as possible.

The client has the right to stop the therapy at any time, but it is recommended to come to last session after the decision to stop to close the open ends.

Be informed!