Graniidi 1 Tallinn, Tasapisi Tasakaal


Organizers: Oliver Baiocco, Kaire Talviste-Baiocco (EGTC).




  • The training will be conducted by dr Alessio Zambon
  • Course is in English.
  • Early bird (until 15.04.2024) 370.- / full price 430.-

Target group:

Professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches) wishing to deepen their knowledge about humanistic approach to psychopathology.

Representatives of other modalities are also welcome to create an open space for sharing experiences.


  • lecture and theory
  • exchange and discussions
  • case studies and supervision


Psychopathology and Gestalt Therapy

Therapeutic and educational work with people suffering from mental illnesses – a humanistic approach.

12.-14.07.2024, Tallinn

F 15-20, Sat 10-18 (lunch 13-14.30), Sun 10-14

21 academic hours

As a humanistic approach, Gestalt therapy not only has a holistic and integrative way of working, but for Gestalt psychotherapy a mental disorder is not a firmly defined aspect of being ill or healthy.

The concept of illness and health is understood as a continuum that is located in a specific situation (field) and has concrete physical and psychological experiences in relation to other people.

Psychopathology as the study of human mental suffering is for Gestalt therapists more than a definition and description of characteristics that we can see in the various diagnostic and statistical manuals for mental disorders.

We are interested in the subjective experiences, in the meaning, in the context of the client. In addition, we are in a specific relationship with the client in a shared space of mutual experiences – in a space of resonances and atmosphere, which also affects us as therapists. We share a common basis of co-created experiences in the here and now.

“One of the aims of the therapy is, within the dialog, to give a bearable and lively shape to the deepness, the fantasy as well as the horror we all have inside.” – A. Zambon

We invite you to this workshop to learn about an alternative way of dealing with human suffering.


  • Psychopathology and Diagnoses

Labels or useful help in a relationship? – a Gestalt and Humanistic perspective

  • Empathy with the suffering of the client

How to deal with empathy in a suffering field? – a relational perspective

  • Understanding of mental disorders

Discovering a trace of psychosis in your own life. – a self-development perspective

  • Psychosomatics and dissociative disorders

Am I creating my own disease? – between regression and grounding

  • Building a therapeutic environment

Practical examples of using Gestalt therapy in a psychopathological space

  • Supervision

Space for discussing and supervision.

Dr. Alessio Zambon

Psychiatrist, Gestalt Therapist, Sociologist (PhD), pedagogue, supervisor.

Co-author of the book “Gestalt Therapy in Psychiatrie” (2023).

After many years of psychiatric and psychotherapeutic experience in Italy, as well as in German clinics and outpatient care centres, Alessio has been working in his own private practice for psychiatry and Gestalt therapy.

Read more about Alessio from HERE.